Yahoo & Bing: What to Expect

Bing and Yahoo recently re-negotiated the terms of their partnership – meaning that their definition of the “unified marketplace” of advertising on search engine results pages, (while it still exists in some capacity), is changing as we know it and we’re about to get a lot more clarity into performance and traffic volumes on Bing and Yahoo individually.

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Fun With Paid Search Ad Extensions

Ad extensions. What a time to be alive and managing a retail paid search program, eh? We now have six manual AdWords ad extensions at our disposal (in addition to six of the automated variety) and some form of ad extension usage is recommended for virtually any retailer. Ad extensions carry the obvious benefit of making your text ads bigger and more eye-catching, but they also benefit your program by boosting ad rank, improving relevance to shoppers and, consequently, boosting traffic to your site. And, if you succeed at tailoring your ad extensions to specific query intent, you will earn more qualified, higher-converting traffic

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Introducing Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

So you’ve got a great shopping experience on your webstore: a navigable, clean storefront; beautiful product pages; lightning-quick response time, and a shopping cart that just begs to have items dropped in it. But what about all the shoppers getting just to the brink of purchase and then, for whatever reason, falling out of the conversion funnel? An estimated 71% of shopping carts are abandoned, leaving trillions of revenue dollars on the table. Retargeting is a great way for retailers to recapture would-be conversions while their product offerings are still fresh in the minds of online shoppers.

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Facebook has already capitalized on its large user base to offer retargeting ads via 3rd party providers through Facebook Exchange (FBX). Facebook is now improving upon their retargeting offering and making it more retailer-friendly with their launch of Dynamic Product Ads.

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